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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Identity and Access Management- We host your facial identity database for later matching using our API Service.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Watchlist - We offer a subscription-based, Facial Recognition Platform-As-a-Service with a fully managed cloud or hybrid video analytics system.

SaaS Applications

SaaS Applications

People counting

We provide facial recognition based people counting capabilities with demographics of visitors such as gender, ager and ethnicity.

IT Services

IT Services

Student, Customer, employee enrolment

Let's help you with the onboarding of your Student, Customer, Employees while managing the facial identity records for later use.

About Us


The Ndende facial recognition platform incorporates state-of-the-art technology relevant to working with facial images, in particular deep learning, computer vision, and pattern recognition technologies. 

At the core of the Ndende offering is its robust and scalable platform, making it possible to deliver millisecond responses in the cloud. The matching capability of our platform is based on the global leading facial recognition technology engine with high matching accuracy. The platform is secured and ensures the storage of data is in compliance with the local Data Protection legislation of the client such as POPIA/GDPR.

Here are some of the capabilities we are able to create for you:

  • - Secure, easy-to-use, customizable online facial recognition services
  • - Face localization and face tracking on images and video streams
  • - Enrolment, verification and identification of customers, employees, learners
  • - Accurate portrait characteristics check for gender, age, pose deviation, exposure, glasses, eyes closed, uniform lighting detection, unnatural colour, image and face geometry
  • - Full-frontal image type checks and formatting as required for ePassports (ISO 19794-5 compliant)
+27 (0) 13 312 0020

For IT Support, Questions and More Information

ServicesOur Services

IT Infrastructure

Ndende supply all major IT hardware brands and products ranging from:

  • Client Computing & Peripherals
  • Server Computing
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security Hardware & Appliances

We offer a leasing option for 36 or 60 months with compatitive financing option for all hardwares including the required services to implement. 

Hosted Services & Cloud

We offer the following subscription based services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Office and Microsoft 365, Facial Recognition, Backup-to-cloud, etc
  • Plaftorm as a Service (Paas) - Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Microsoft Azure

We sell subscription, implement the solution and manage solution for the client. Clients can also choose the specific option they are looking for.

IT Services

We provide Full IT Services including among others:

  • Full ICT outsourcing
  • Desktop support
  • Server support
  • Software implementation
  • Network administration.

Clients can choose a specific service or a full suite of managed IT services where we take care of your entire on-premises environment plus user support.

Our Partners

Ndende has entered into strategic partnership with the would leading technology providers, carefully selected in order to deliver customized solutions that fit each client's specific requirements.
Below are some of our partners which make our solutions possible: